Guides to Start Dating Online

If you want to start dating and you are not exactly sure how to start it, the Internet offers you limitless possibilities of doing so. Moreover if you are the shy type of guy who find it difficult speaking to women, then the best place to start dating is online. If you are afraid being rejected by a woman, approaching them first online will build the confidence you need while avoiding the embarrassment of open rejection.Advantages of Online Dating
You can learn at your own pace
It removes shyness, since you are not yet meeting face-to-face
It is free, for many online dating sites
It helps you build your confidence while learning
It saves you the embarrassment of rejection.
How To Begin Online DatingYou Need an Email Address:You can register for a free Yahoo! or Hotmail email address. It is advisable to use a free email address like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. For some reasons, your company’s email address is not the best for this type of exercise.Learnt How To Chat:Learn how to chat (using Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger or any other chatting software. Your initial communication is first through email and later chatting. People are more reluctant to release their phone numbers to strangers than they are of their email addresses.Create an Online ProfileVisit any of the online communities or social websites and create a profile. Add at least one photo to your profile and supply as much information as possible. There are free online community like Facebook, Perfspot, Tubely and others where you will meet men and women who are serious in online dating. There are still several online communities or dating websites which you can search out on the Internet, however all of them are not free, and unfortunately quite a number of them are dominated by spammers. I will discuss more on how to maximise your online profile in subsequent posts.Search Out Females Using Your Own CriteriaHaving registered your profile online, you can now use the online software to search out women who meet your criteria. The criteria may be age, location, city, country, ethnicity, etc. Make sure you tick the option to display those who have photos only, as a profile may be deemed incomplete if it doesn’t have a photo. This is the reason why you should have your photo on your online profile.Making Friends With Others OnlineOnce you find any female that meets your interests, you can add her as a Friend to your profile or Send Email to her, or both. What you can do depends on which online service you are using and what options are available to you. But generally, you can add someone as a friend or you can send message. Once the person accept s you as a friend, you had achieved the first major step getting to know the person. This is because you will be allowed to see the photos of the friend, see the friends of a friend, and see the activities of that friend in the community. I will discuss more on how to make friends with others online on subsequent posts.Sign up for a free profile on the Internet today. If you don’t have an email address, get a free one from Yahoo or Hotmail. Upload your pictures and enter into a new world of online dating.

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